Work In A Kitchen? Improve Your Efficiency With Waterproof Paper

Work In A Kitchen? Improve Your Efficiency With Waterproof PaperNo matter how much care you take, a kitchen is a serious safety hazard for paper products of all kinds. In a professional kitchen, there is a lot to remember. Time matters, details can have a big impact, and consistency is always important. No matter the size of your kitchen, finding the most efficient flow can be the difference between a successful night and chaos that drives away even the most loyal customers. Are you looking for a way to improve your kitchen’s efficiency? The key may be in a surprisingly simple material: waterproof paper.

The TerraSlate Difference

TerraSlate waterproof paper is the point at which ease and efficiency meet. Our waterproof paper does more than repel water; it is also rip-proof and can be printed on with pretty much any standard printer or ballpoint pen. Better still, it is not just waterproof, our paper is impervious to most liquids, including grease and cleaning solvents. We even sent our paper through an industrial dishwasher and it came through the other side colorfast and undamaged. That makes our waterproof paper the perfect solution for use in hot, messy kitchen environments. It can help you:

Train Better

You expect your kitchen to run a certain way, so it is important to train your staff according to your standards from the start. If you find you are regularly ordering new training manuals or re-printing materials, the time has come to stop wasting resources. Instead of allowing those training materials to get gunked up by the mess that happens in the kitchen, print everything with our waterproof paper to be sure all of your training materials can be easily wiped clean and reused for the next new employee.

Track Prep Easily

A lot of the daily food prep tasks are going to be the same day-in and day-out until the next menu change. Instead of printing off new food prep sheets each day, print off a single round of them to go at each station. If you feel particularly industrious, get a bit of velcro and attach a dry erase marker to each station as well. Our waterproof paper works well with dry erase markers, so your team can simply mark tasks and cross them off. Erase everything and start fresh at the end of the night and enjoy just how much less paper you need to use.

Stay In Compliance

Do you need to frequently reprint storage signage or food safety reminders? Lamination is an okay way to keep your restaurant in compliance with health safety requirements, but it is not the most efficient or cost-effective. Heat and moisture can affect lamination, causing it to bubble and rendering your signage illegible. Instead of reprinting your signage every few weeks, print it once with our waterproof printer paper and enjoy clear, easy to read signs despite the heat and moisture in the air (and splashing around).

Recipe Reminders

Each time a new dish gets added to the rotation, it is nice to think that every member of your staff will diligently learn all the ingredients, quantities, and steps for preparation. But sometimes they may need a bit of a reminder. Waterproof paper is a handy solution for creating recipe cards or recipe sheets that can be kept around the kitchen without fear of destruction. Well, we cannot promise our paper will fare well if left over an open flame, but it is designed to repel liquids and withstand a good amount of heat without warping or discoloring. Use our waterproof printer paper to make things a bit easier on your staff with each new recipe.

Clearly Mark Settings

Make sure your walk-ins are kept cool enough and your fryers, grills, and ovens get set appropriately. Temperature guides are only as useful as the material they are printed on, so choose a material that can withstand the kitchen environment. TerraSlate waterproof paper can be printed on with just about any standard printer, and unlike lamination, can be cut without damaging the waterproof seal that prevents damage.

TerraSlate waterproof paper was designed to be color-fast, rip-proof, and liquid-repellant — all important qualities in a busy kitchen. Want to learn more? Explore the benefits of our waterproof paper, then grab a ream and experience the difference for yourself!

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