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Denver-based waterproof paper company launches sustainability tour in electric BMW i8 to reduce waste, help businesses recovering from natural disasters, economic challenges, promote sustainability

DENVER, CO — TerraSlate, a waterproof paper company founded by Kyle Ewing in 2015, sought to reduce waste, save companies money, and increase the use of recyclable goods. Now, as people are becoming more and more aware of how much sustainability matters, BMW has joined the cause.

TerraSlate paper uses no trees, is virtually indestructible in everyday use, and goes into mixed-use recycling when no longer needed.

What started out as an idea to market backup copies of passports for students burgeoned into a product that has countless other uses, such as waterproof menus and signs, training materials for businesses and agencies, military maps, even durable books for non-verbal children so that they can communicate with the rest of the world.

“Like TerraSlate, BMW values sustainability and is proving it by using recyclable materials in its new “i” series cars.  BMW sees the value in sustainable products and we have teamed up to promote sustainability through our cross-country Sustainability Tour” Ewing said. “We’re starting right here in Denver, visiting restaurants and other businesses who are working to become more earth-friendly. Countless bars and restaurants have done away with plastic straws because of their damage to wildlife and the environment. Switching to tree-free and non-laminated menus is the next common-sense step.”

Contrary to popular belief, once something is laminated, it cannot be recycled and contributes to the ever-growing trash piles in our landfills.

Recently, Ewing donated TerraSlate menus to restaurants in Houston that were hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. Now, as Florence slams the Carolinas, he’s turning his attention to other businesses that need help. Hundreds of restaurants from Florida to California to Hawaii have been affected by hurricanes, wildfires, and flooding, not to mention the loss of tourism revenue following natural disasters.

Some of TerraSlate’s most loyal customers are based in coastal settings like Hawaii, California, and Florida, where rain and humidity are ever-present, but natural disasters strike everywhere. Even the U.S. Coast Guard, which operates in the most unforgiving weather conditions, uses TerraSlate paper for its training and onboard documents because of its indestructibility.

In addition to donating his product, Ewing isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and pitch in to help businesses get back on their feet. He’s reaching out to businesses everywhere to help them recover.

Many businesses are also taking a one-two punch as tariffs imposed on Canada — the No. 1 paper supplier in North America — are driving paper prices up. TerraSlate isn’t just more kind to the environment, it’s also more economically sustainable due to being fully recyclable.

“We believe TerraSlate is the future,” Ewing said. “That’s why traveling in our BMW i8, which we’ve nick-named BB-8 (the popular droid from Star Wars), which makes perfect sense. Sustainability has to be a way of life, not just a simple product, to have a lasting impact.”

“We welcome anyone to reach out to us for ideas and solutions on how we can help them embrace a more sustainable future — schools, grocers, nonprofits, the marine industry, political organizations — anywhere paper is used, we can do better.”

Fast car, fast turnaround

Ewing knows that every minute a business can’t operate equals loss of valuable revenue. That’s why TerraSlate fills orders with a two business day turnaround. Overnight shipping can be accommodated to fill orders in one day, depending on the volume of the order.

Media opportunities

Kyle Ewing is available for media interviews, tours in “BB-8”, his BMW i8 wrapped in TerraSlate, and of course, demonstrations on how TerraSlate paper works. Find more at, and on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube at @TerraSlatePaper.

Email Ewing at or call 720.699.0483 for more.

High-resolution photos and B-roll are available for media use.

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