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Whether you run an airline with hundreds of aircraft to manage, or you operate a single private plane, passenger safety is paramount. Yet, the majority of your passengers will not be pilots, aeronautical engineers, or any other variety of airplane expert. This is where that brightly colored, illustrated safety card comes into play. Help your passengers stay safe,  and keep them aware of all safety protocols with easy to read, instructive airline safety cards that fit easily in seatback pockets or next to the seats.

Airline Safety Card

The problem with so many safety card manufacturers is the material. So often, quality is sacrificed for cost and airline safety cards are generally handled so frequently that the ink wears away to the point that everything becomes illegible. Or, in an attempt to make the cards waterproof, they are laminated. This works well, right up to the point that the lamination begins to separate, bubble, and peel away from the paper inside, rendering the printed content illegible. Given how frequently airline safety cards are handled, one spill or messy toddler can mean you will be replacing yet another card. There is a better solution than replacing your flight safety cards on such a frequent basis.

Unlike other options, TerraSlate airline safety cards are fully customizable and are designed to stand up to the wear and tear of frequent passenger handling. All of our airplane safety cards are printed on our proprietary waterproof paper which means you will not need to worry about drinks or spills ruining them.

Our waterproof paper is also rip-proof, so heavy use will not leave it frayed or worn-looking. You can even watch our waterproof paper go through an industrial dishwasher and come out looking just as clear as it did before. The waterproof, durable nature of our paper means that images and text can be printed with the precision of a laser printer, and the clarity after the initial print will last through months of heavy use.

The clear, detailed printing and durability are why our waterproof paper is used by so many restaurants to print menus. Bring those same benefits to your aircraft with TerraSlate airline safety cards.

Stop paying a premium for lesser quality; let the TerraSlate team help you design and print airline safety cards that will last. Contact us to get more information on our industry-leading pricing and fast turnaround times! For a fast quote, email: or give us a call today - (720) 254-1887.

  • Industry Leading Pricing
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  • 100% Waterproof & Rip Proof
  • Only a 25 Print Minimum
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