Kyle Ewing, CEO TerraSlate

As the CEO of TerraSlate, I take great pride in our company's commitment to placing sustainability at the forefront of our operations, ensuring the highest standards for both our employees and customers.

Our dedication is not just in words but in our actions – we actively ensure our team's health and safety and consistently choose recyclable materials. Our operations are distinctively powered by renewable wind and solar energy, significantly reducing our ecological footprint.

In our journey towards sustainability, we proudly maintain a record of zero safety and environmental incidents, and we're committed to improving our health standards every year. Working safely, living healthily, and protecting our environment are not just goals; they are essential pillars for success and happiness. We are dedicated to investing resources and efforts to enhance the well-being of our team members.

Moreover, we are setting a clear target to increase the diversity of our team members to exceed 40%. We believe that a team enriched with diverse perspectives, experiences, and opinions is key to our innovative and dynamic business approach. This comprehensive strategy, encompassing everything from renewable energy to a diverse and healthy workforce, reflects our unwavering commitment to making a meaningful, positive impact in the communities we are part of.


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