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    Waterproof & Rip Proof Lost Pet Flyers 8.5" x 11" - 8 Mil



    Waterproof & Rip Proof Lost Pet Flyers 8.5" x 11" - 8 Mil


    Make sure your lost dog or pet is found with TerraSlate's Waterproof & Tear Proof Lost Pet Flyers!  Upload your pet's info and we'll print you flyers ready to hang up right away.

    Join countless others by using waterproof flyers paper from TerraSlate.  Vibrant color reproduction and high contrast give your flyers the ability to stand out and out-last rest.  Perfect for posting outdoors on walls, sign posts, telephone poles, car windows and more.  TerraSlate's 100% waterproof and tear-proof 8 mil substrate guarantees your flyers will stand up to the elements including heavy rain, direct sunlight and high wind.   

    Flyers can be stapled to wooden street poles or taped to metal poles around the neighborhood.  

    Keep your flyers intact and vibrant in the harshest conditions so that people can clearly see the photo to identify your pet and read the phone number to let you know they have found him or her.


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