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Hydronote All-Weather Notebooks are hand-made in Denver, Colorado for those that write outdoor in weather-intensive situations.  From storm trackers to military black-ops our notebooks are designed to outlast and out-perform any other notebook on the planet.

Additional sizes are coming soon! Want a custom cover? We can print a custom cover with a minimum order of just 50 notebooks! For info email

Hydronote All-Weather Notebooks:

  • 70 Pages of waterproof and rip-resistant Hydronote paper (8.5" x 11")
  • Incredibly durable and lightweight
  • Writes with ballpoint pens, pencils, and markers (gel pens can smear)
  • Blank or universal page pattern (see image below)
  • Crush resistant monofilament coil binding
  • Comes with Free 2-day shipping on orders over $35

Hyrdonote All-Weather notebooks are made with military-grade polyester covers from TerraSlate and contain 100% waterproof and rip-resistant interior sheets of Hydronote paper. The sheets are 40# bond (54# cover) and are 150 GSM.

Hydronote can be written on with any type of pen, pencil, crayon, or marker.  For the ultimate durability and longevity, we recommend ballpoint pens or Sharpie pens.  Unlike Wire-O binding that will crush and bend, Hydronote All-Weather Notebooks use a single-strand of military-tough, monofilament coils that won't crush, scratch, change color, or get bent out of shape.  

Take your Hydronote All-Weather notebook anytime you head outdoors and never worry about a drained battery, poor WiFi, or eye strain from too much screen time.  Hydronote paper easily repels grease, dirt, water, sweat, salt water, and outdoor sissies.  

    Hydronote Universal Page PrintHydronote All-Weather Notebook Specs

    Additional Notes!

    • If you would like to scan the pages of your notebook to save them digitally, you can scan them directly to Google drive. 
    • If you would like to write and erase on Hydronote, you can write with a pencil or a Pilot Frixion pen. One note is that Frixion pens can smear if the ink gets wet.
    • If you need to write on Hydronote underwater or while it is wet, you can use a pressurized ink pen or a pencil.

    How is Hydronote different than Rite in the Rain?

    Hydronote looks, feels, writes, and acts just like paper - but with the addition of it being waterproof and rip-resistant, whereas Rite in the Rain often requires a special pen as it has a wax-like coating that feels unnatural and can smudge easily.  

    Hydronote pages are waterproof like Rite in the Rain, but are also rip-resistant which is important in any outdoor or field application.  Your notes wouldn't be very useful if your pages tore out!

    What's the difference between Hydronote and TerraSlate?

    TerraSlate is the original, military-grade polyester substrate, that is incredibly durable and can be submerged indefinitely.  While it would make an incredible notebook, it is somewhat cost-prohibitive.  TerraSlate is compatible with ballpoint pens, markers, laser printers, and copy machines.

    Hydronote looks and feels just like regular paper but has a thin film on the inside that allows it to be waterproof and rip-resistant. 

    Order your Hydornote All-Weather notebook today and get 2-day shipping for just $7.50, or get free 2-day shipping on orders over $35.

    See below photos from Michael Linn's independent review which you can read here.

    Hydronote Water Test

    Hydronote Frozen in Ice

    Hydronote Pen Test

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