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We developed the Immunity Passport after learning about Iceland and Hungary doing something similar.  While immunity may not last forever, it is unlikely that a person with COVID-19 antibodies or a person that has received both vaccination shots is going to become infected or spread the disease.

For durability, COVID-19 Immunity Passports are printed on military-grade, 8 Mil TerraSlate waterproof and rip-proof paper.

The way the Immunity Passport works is that a person who has received a positive COVID test, followed by a negative COVID test, brings their Immunity Passport to the healthcare center where they received their tests.  The health care center can then fill out the details of the card with the following to prove immunity:

  • Date of Positive Test + Name and Phone Number of Healthcare Center
  • Date of Negative Test + Name and Phone Number of Healthcare Facility


  • Date of Positive Test for Antibodies + Name and Phone Number of Healthcare Facility


  • Date of 1st Vaccination + Name and Phone Number of Healthcare Center
  • Date of 2nd Vaccination + Name and Phone Number of Healthcare Center

While it is technically possible to falsify this card, it is easy to verify the validity of the card because the name and number of the healthcare center are listed with the patient’s name and dates of tests or vaccinations which can be verified with a phone call.

This system follows the same format that foreign travel vaccinations use- one that has been in place for decades where travelers carry a yellow card signed by a healthcare provider showing evidence of vaccinations received.  

Our goal with the COVID Immunity Passport is to allow restaurants and businesses to seat more customers above and beyond the capacity limits.  This would be possible because everyone holding a COVID Immunity Passport would not be a risk to other customers or to themselves because they are immune.

Restaurants and businesses could also use this card to prove that their entire staff is immune or has been vaccinated which would put potential customers at ease.

While no system is perfect, our hope is to help get the world back to normal and help the restaurants, businesses, and entities that employ us all.

COVID-19 Immunity Passport cards are business card size when folded and ship via USPS in a standard envelope. They come flat so that they are easy to write on and are easily folded in half to fit inside your wallet.

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