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Free Sample Pack 

Sample packs come with a mix of weights and sizes of our menus.  TerraSlate menus are 100% waterproof and rip-proof which you may want to see for yourself.  Order your sample pack today.   

Restaurant menu sample packs include free shipping anywhere in the USA.  Upload your own menu or leave the upload section blank to see a selection of the incredible menus we have created.

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  • 100% waterproof & rip-proof menus

    Save time and money by avoiding the need to laminate or re-print menus due to stains, water damage or frequent handling

    Top quality menu printing for all menu sizes

    Multiple sizes, folds, and weights to choose from

    Full-service in-house printing available at industry leading rates

    Lightning fast turn around times, including same day

  • As a restaurant owner, you know better than anyone that your menu is critical to the first impression of your customers. Ambiance and service are always important, but who hasn’t been to a hole-in-the-wall place that has GREAT food? The menu is the sales piece for the food and drinks you serve.

    A proper menu distinguishes your restaurant from others by being unique, clean, professional and enticing. The menu is the building block that your entire staff and establishment stand on to be successful. Make sure you have a great set of menus that you, your staff, your critics, and your customers can be proud of.

    Print your menus on paper that will look good for each customer regardless of what day it is, who is working, or how long ago you printed your menus. Give your restaurant the look you’ve worked so hard for. Order your TerraSlate menus today.

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