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WaiterX QR Menus

Save time and money on printing costs with Touchless QR Menus from TerraSlate made specifically for WaiterX restaurants.

Let your customers scan a simple QR code and load your restaurant on the WaiterX platform in seconds! Available in waterproof cardstock, and a waterproof adhesive backing, your customers never have to touch a menu and will have peace of mind while sitting down at your restaurant.

Simply select how many menus you need QR Codes for and we will ship eight 4.25" x 5.5" QR Code Cards for each menu.  Cards are printed on 14 Mil Military-Grade TerraSlate Waterproof Paper, or Military-Grade Adhesive backed waterproof sheets for easy placement on tables, walls, or anywhere else. They can be easily wiped clean, or washed with soap and water.

An example card can be seen to the left.  This is a live card and can be scanned using the camera app on your phone, or any free QR Code Reader from the app store.  Try it with your phone now to see it work!

$49 Includes:

  • Eight 4.25" x 5.5" Touchless Menu Cards
  • Print card setup, logo insert & professional layout
  • 1 sided color printing with rounded corners on 14 Mil TerraSlate
  • Creation of a unique QR Code
  • Fast 2-Day order processing time
  • Free digital menu hosting on our AWS secure servers 
  • Free email proof with live code for you to see and test
  • Free FedEx 2-Day Shipping on QR Code Cards 

Frequently Asked Questions:

If I have a change or an update to my menu in the future, can I upload a new menu and re-use the same QR Code Cards?

Yes, through WaiterX, you can update the link or files that your WaiterX QR code points to and you won't need to make a new set of QR Codes or print a new set of cards. 

Are there any ongoing fees?

No, there are no ongoing or recurring fees of any kind.

How fast does the menu load on a customer's phone or mobile device?

TerraSlate hosts all menus on Amazon Web Services ultra-high-speed servers that provide incredibly fast loading times and require very low data.  Menus load as fast as a half second.


OK, in plain English, how does this work?

Touchless Menus work by using a QR code. If your customers open the camera app on their smartphone and hover it over the QR code without taking a picture, their phone will ask if they would like to open the link embedded in the code. Our system then opens the PDF of your menu file(s) through their internet browser. They are able to see anything they would normally see on a printed menu, zoom in, zoom out, and scroll, all without having to touch a menu. 

Can I order a sample? 

Sure thing!  Click here or order a Touchless Menu sample.

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