TerraSlate Paper is the world's most extraordinary waterproof, recyclable, never tear laser printer paper. Both laser printer and digital press compatible, TerraSlate is "plastic" paper that never needs laminating. TerraSlate is durable, tear resistant and waterproof to withstand rain, heat and temperature variations; deters grease, solvents and chemicals.  TerraSlate offers superior laser image quality with the appearance, smoothness and printability of standard paper; and works great in most any standard laser printer or digital press. Most importantly, TerraSlate is more cost-effective to use than laminating regular paper.

  • Bright white
  • High opacity
  • Intense color reproduction
  • Waterproof & grease proof
  • Full color duplex printable
  • Wipeable and punchable
  • Ideal for documents, presentations & signs
  • Never laminate again!