Waterproof Paper & The Power of Cost Savings

TerraSlate Waterproof Paper vs. Pouch Laminating

When we are speaking to saving money, waterproof paper from TerraSlate not only saves money, but time as well.  As a leader in the waterproof paper industry, TerraSlate will actually save you hundreds to thousands of dollars in comparison to normal pouch laminating.  With companies needing copious amounts of paper, this difference in price can really add up over the calendar year.  While one may be comfortable continuing with pouch laminating, the future is TerraSlate, and the future is here.

Take a look at the comparison of cost savings between TerraSlate & Normal Pouch Laminating

waterproof paper- TerraSlate

The Proof is in the Pudding

Save money this year with TerraSlate's waterproof paper. The real cost savings, is the amount of time utilized to create our product.  When you analyze 50 minutes vs. 45 hours (2700 minutes), we are producing our waterproof printer paper 54.02 times, more cost effectively than normal pouch laminating.  While the past definitely called for rigid pouch laminating as the standard norm, TerraSlate steps out in front of the pack, with quality, with price & with being extremely eco-friendly.  When a company can produce a product 50 times faster, they are helping save the environment.

Going Green in 2017

We do value quality, durability, and cost-savings for small businesses when we started our business.  Having a product which can last through the harshest conditions known to man, as well as come at an extremely low cost, is a great benefit to drive our company forward.  Even so, we do think about going green, and having a product which doesn't hurt the environment.  As you read above, we do produce our waterproof paper 50 times quicker than normal pouch laminating, but did you know our paper is recyclable as well? Yes, TerraSlate weatherpoof paper is fully recyclable!

If you are looking to take your business to the next level this year, save some of your hard earned revenue, and join up with a quality product such as TerraSlate Paper. Never Laminate Again. 

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