Building A Brand: Creating Marketing Materials With A Purpose

When you operate any type of business, your brand is, effectively, the first impression you can give — before a customer even steps through your door. More than that, your branding tells the story of your business. The big question to keep in mind, then, is whether your branding is telling the story you want to convey. It goes beyond choosing a business name to all those little details that will show potential clients what you do, how you can help, and even what your underlying principles are. The way you choose to market your business can say a lot, so it’s important to make sure you’re telling the story you want to share. Consider these elements to help you build your brand and create better marketing materials.

First, Know Your Purpose

It sounds simple. Your purpose boils down to the goods you sell or the services you provide, right? Well, not actually. When we talk about purpose, it goes deeper than that. Being able to articulate your story means you need to fully understand it for yourself. It’s the core of your brand and can include how you got your start and what you do, but it should also incorporate your underlying motivation as a company. When you’ve defined that clearly, it will be easier to use those details to create a solid brand and build out your marketing materials from there.

Show Your Individuality

Every story is different, so you’ve already started down this road simply by figuring out the core details of your company’s story. From there, it’s important to find ways to show the unique, individual personality elements that make your business stand out. For example, there are thousands of burger-centric restaurants out there. Standing out in that crowd means it’s necessary to advertise in a way that shows whether a restaurant is a high-end fine dining establishment or a home-grown local eatery. Showing your individual personality as a business means not only highlighting the elements that make you unique, but also emphasizing the elements that you want to be known for. This is your opportunity to take your story and evolve it to help your company grow.

Narrow It Down

Between articulating your story and showing your individuality as a brand, it may sound like you need to include a wealth of information in every ad and on every sign. That’s not the case at all! Keep in mind that you still want your marketing materials to be quick, easily-digestible bites of information. Most consumers don’t spend the time to read every minute word on marketing materials, so you have to convey the important details in a quick, easy to read manner — something that could, in theory, be read with a glance as someone drives past. It’s important to understand your story and your points of individuality thoroughly because you will need to distill them down to the key elements so you can tell your story quickly and clearly.

Make Connections

Now that you’ve spent so much time and focus on the details that make your business what it is, it’s time to shift that focus. The purpose behind understanding your business’ story isn’t so you can tell that story to the world, it’s actually so you can find ways to better connect with customers. A brand is just images and words until you give customers a reason to buy in — especially with the sheer volume of products and information people are inundated with today. Understanding your story, your core values, and what makes your business unique will help you create points that give customers a way to connect with your brand on an emotional level. As you learn more about your brand, you’ll be able to better understand why current customers relate and how you can use that information to connect with others.

Grow Trust

The most successful advertising doesn’t work simply because it’s catchy. The best advertising actually helps to build trust between customers and a business. When it comes down to it, there are so many options available on the market that customers don’t necessarily return because a single product is good. Customers return to a specific business or product because they trust a brand and a business as a whole. The reason it’s important to understand your story and to make connections with consumers is that that will help you grow their trust in your business as a whole. Your branding becomes a powerful storytelling tool to build connections, not just to convey information about your business.

Building Your Story

In order to better grow your story and make those connections, you not only need to understand the philosophical side of your brand, but you also need to make sure your marketing materials line up. From print ads to in-store signage, each individual element of your advertising campaign will build on your brand story. It’s important that everything works harmoniously to tell your story, not just relay basic information. Choose your design and ad copy carefully, but choose materials with just as much attention to detail. For example, creating in-store signage printed on standard printer paper may be simple and cost-effective, but it can also convey a message of poor quality.

Here at TerraSlate Paper, we can help you find the right materials for every job. From different weights of our waterproof, tear-proof paper to waterproof adhesives, posters, flyers, and even waterproof menus, we offer a range of different materials to help make your marketing materials as individualized as your business is. All of our materials work with the standard at-home laser or standard office laser printer or copy machine so you can save money while creating your own materials. If you’re looking for some help, however, we also offer design services to help you create the right branding to tell your story.

All TerraSlate rip-proof paper products offer the following benefits:

  • Waterproof — including repelling grease, oil, and solvents, and chemicals
  • Rip/tear-proof — can be cut with scissors or a sharp blade, but tear-proof and durable enough to withstand environmental factors like high winds
  • Colorfast — no post-printing treatments needed
  • Compatible with laser printers, copy machines, and digital presses
  • Heat-resistant up to 478 degrees Fahrenheit

Our rip-proof paper is made to look sleek and professional, and to provide better waterproofing benefits than lamination at a fraction of the cost. That way, you can enjoy the flexibility of creating your own marketing materials without the time or expense of a design service. Explore all the benefits that our waterproof, rip-proof paper products have to offer. Shop online today to experience the benefits TerraSlate products can have for your brand!

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