Calling All Artists: Boost Business With Better Printing Materials

Calling All Artists: Boost Business With Better Printing MaterialsThere are myriad sayings out there about how life is art and art is life. But, if you are trying to make a living as an artist, you know that you need more than just art to get through life. Turning to art as either a side job or a full-time endeavor can be a great way to incorporate what you love into your financial plan, but that does not negate that you will have to look at the business side of things.

The starving artist stereotype has been built up after centuries of artists trying to make ends meet while doing what they love. If you are a part of this time-honored tradition (of sorts), it makes sense that you would look for ways to save money wherever you can. For any artist out there trying to sell prints of your work, we have a suggestion: switch to waterproof paper.

Choosing Print Materials

The advent of online shopping has been both a boon and a burden to aspiring artists. On one hand, there are plenty of website options through which to promote and sell your work to a broader audience. On the other hand, there are that many more artists with whom you have to compete. Finding ways to stand out from the crowd can be quite a challenge. Of course, the primary focus for any artist will be the art itself, and that is a great way to garner attention. That aside, a more worldly way to help your business stand out is with the art you sell and the materials you choose.

Whether you paint, prefer pastels, or focus on photography, the canvas or paper you use can make a big difference to the final piece. Likewise, the materials you choose to use can have a big impact on a customer’s decision to buy or move along. Consider:

Originals Vs. Prints

Selling original artworks online can be difficult. Not only do you have to figure out how to handle people who want a more detailed look at a piece, you also have to figure out how to safely ship an un-foldable canvas or an un-rollable pastel drawing. This can be quite the conundrum and often comes with a hefty price that many customers are unwilling to pay. There is a reason many artists focus on selling fine art prints in their online shops and keep the originals to sell locally.

Selling prints is a great way to get your art out there and make it more accessible to a widespread audience. And, with modern printing technology, it is possible to print highly-detailed prints with true-to-life colors. With a quality printer and the right paper, you can easily produce prints that hold up to the details in your art.

Why Waterproof Paper?

Most prints are framed and hung up indoors where they are unlikely to get drenched, except by an unforeseen accident — so why are we suggesting using waterproof paper for prints? In this case, it is all about value for both you and your customers. The ability to resist damage by liquids may be superfluous in most cases, but that is a nice perk. No, the real reason lies in the other qualities inherent to our waterproof paper. First, our paper is tear-proof. This means you can ship prints in flat paper mailing envelopes without worrying that they will be folded, frayed, or otherwise wrecked before arriving at their destination. It also provides an added benefit to customers, as they can hang prints without a frame and not need to worry about damage any time they want to move it.

The other big perk that many fail to consider is color fading over time. It’s a natural result that happens to a variety of different materials, not just paint or ink, after sitting in sunlight for an extended period of time. TerraSlate waterproof paper is designed to print with a high level of detail, but also to be color-fast through a wide variety of different circumstances. Our waterproof paper can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and repel grease, solvents, and chemicals as well as water so prints made with our paper can easily be hung in a bathroom or next to a stove and hold up well.

Our paper is not limited in variety, either. Choose from a variety of different pre-cut sizes, weights, and colors. Or, if you want something more specific, talk to our team about a custom order for just the right options to make your work shine. We even offer waterproof business cards, sticker sheets, and other specialty options so you can fully outfit your business.

Boost Your Business

Whether you sell prints online or want to easily transport your art to sell at festivals and conventions, TerraSlate waterproof paper is here to help. The benefits offered by our waterproof paper will help your art shine, enhance your business, and help you save money. Experience the difference for yourself; shop online today!

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