5 Unexpected Uses For Waterproof Paper

5 Unexpected Uses For Waterproof Paper

The word water is in the name, so it stands to reason that there are plenty of reasons to take our specially-designed waterproof paper where moisture abounds. But our paper is great for more than just jotting down ideas in the shower or keeping your restaurant menus from ruination. Here are a few of the less conventional uses we have seen for our waterproof printer paper, sticker sheets, business cards, and other options. Use this list to help boost your business, save money, and generate other new and creative ideas — then drop us a line and let us know your new ideas!

Writing Underwater

Getting brilliant ideas in the shower is a pretty common phenomenon — so much so that there are a few different options designed to make it easy to jot those ideas down without stepping out of the warmth of the flowing water. Of course, some options work better than others. At TerraSlate, we wanted to take that concept a step further. First, we wanted to make a waterproof paper that actually works without any hoops to jump through. Our paper goes beyond those water-resistant paper products. Not only can you take our waterproof paper into the shower, you can take it trekking through the humidity and mud of a rainforest, scuba diving deep underwater, or anywhere else that you need paper to hold up and avoid smudging. You could even write an essay underwater if that appeals to you (and you have an oxygen tank). Just grab our waterproof paper and a pencil or an all-weather pen and you’re ready to dive in. When you’re done taking notes, roll up your paper and tuck it away to carry on with your adventure.

Creating Signage

Have you seen the videos circulating online of a scuba diver holding up a dry erase board to aid in a marriage proposal? It’s an awesome idea for a unique proposal, but the dry erase board does have a few limitations. Whether you are looking for a unique proposal idea or you want to post informational signs inside an aquarium, TerraSlate waterproof paper gives you a lot more flexibility. Underwater proposals with a dry erase board are limited to the designs you can create with a handful of markers. Our waterproof printer paper, on the other hand, works with most standard laser printers and copiers, so you are only limited by the quality of the printer and what you can create digitally. You can even create a multi-poster love declaration in the vein of the memorable Love Actually scene.

Fueling Imaginative Play

Kids are messy. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that because making messes is a part of learning about the world. But that does not change the fact that kids are still in the process of learning fine motor control and cause a lot of spills and other accidental damage. Because of this, it can be hard to find the balance between fueling imaginative play and overspending to do so. Our waterproof paper is a great option to help parents and teachers conserve resources without limiting imagination. Unlike standard paper or water-resistant paper products, ours is fully waterproof, so spills will not leave you with a sodden pile of mushy paper. Have fun with dry erase markers for a reusable art tablet, print reusable learning sheets, or give other coloring materials for long-lasting works of art.

If you want to take it a step further, our waterproof paper is a great base material with which to make a range of other DIY toys. Print and cut out paper dolls, help your kids make three-dimensional toy boats or paper airplanes, and so much more. Our waterproof paper is also tear-proof, so it can hold up to repeated use and rough handling. Even better, it’s colorfast, so it is perfectly safe for your little one to take their favorite homemade toys into the tub with them.

Tracking Travels & Customizable Home Decor

If you have caught the travel bug, odds are good that you want to have some way to track all the trips you take. Rather than hanging up a huge map and pushing thumbtacks into each city (and into your wall), we have an alternative. Use TerraSlate waterproof paper to print off a non-colored map — or any other image/design that you choose — and hang that up instead. Color in areas you visit rather than pushing in tacks and creating holes. Our waterproof paper is colorfast and tear-proof, so you can even roll it up and take your map with you as you travel.

There is no need to limit yourself to maps, either. The extension of this is that our waterproof paper is a great option if you want to create your own wall art. We offer pre-cut poster-sized options and colored waterproof paper as well as custom ordering options so you can personalize your art as much as you choose. Create your own designs, arrange your photos into a decorative array, or print off digital art you’ve purchased from an artist. Our waterproof paper options give you the freedom to decorate how you choose, and to do so without huge expense. Plus, the colorfast, tear-proof nature of our paper means your designs will last through plumbing disasters, accidents, and the wear-and-tear of moving.

Kitchen Experimentation

Whether you are a food blogger, a chef, or just like to experiment in the kitchen, one of the hardest parts of perfecting a recipe is remembering temperatures, quantities, and cook times. TerraSlate waterproof paper can withstand temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit, and it sloughs off grease and sauces as easily as it does water. Print off copies of your recipes then write in changes as you make them. Our paper offers colorfast protection for ballpoint pens just as easily as it does printer ink, so you do not need to worry about your notes smudging in the event of a spill. We offer a waterproof version of three-hole punch filler paper in both blank and lined options so you can keep your recipes neatly organized in a binder.

TerraSlate paper is waterproof, tear-proof, colorfast, and highly heat-resistant — which makes our waterproof paper products impressively versatile. Want to learn more? Contact the TerraSlate team or shop online to experience the difference for yourself!

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