Getting Organized At Home: How Waterproof Paper Helps

Getting Organized At Home: How Waterproof Paper Helps

Summer is in full swing now, which means that many of you are getting ready to pack up and move. Whether you are buying your first home, downsizing, or just using summer’s free time to declutter, organization will be key in helping everything run smoothly. What you may not expect is how helpful waterproof paper can be in this process. Try these tips and tricks to help you declutter and get organized:

Long-Term Storage

Throughout life, we collect things that we cannot bear to part with, even if those things do not go on display for years. There are also seasonal things like holiday decorations that get pulled out once a year but otherwise hang out in the storage room. One great place to start your whole-house organization endeavor is the home’s designated storage area (closet, basement, attic, garage, etc.). Start by going through all the boxes and bins you have stashed away. Pull out anything you never use — except irreplaceable memorabilia, of course — and set it aside to get rid of. This is also a great time to upgrade your storage containers. If you are still using the same cardboard boxes you used to move, consider re-packing everything into plastic storage bins. This will help prevent a burst pipe or other minor disasters from destroying that irreplaceable box of baby photos.

As you re-pack, get started on organizing everything. TerraSlate waterproof paper works with ballpoint pens just as well as it does printer ink, which is to say it is colorfast and does not bleed. Use waterproof paper or waterproof sticker sheets to make a note of what goes in each bin. This will make it easier to find things when you need them later on. Plus, in the event that something damages your storage area, those lists will make it easier to note what was affected when filling out an insurance claim.

Kitchen Cleanliness

Have you ever gone to the store and purchased something, only to find out that you had six of that same item in the back of your pantry? Take the time to organize the pantry, fridge, and cabinets to help minimize the instances that you purchase unintentional multiples (or let food spoil before you use it). Separate pantry items into baskets to keep things tidy and give everything a label. As with your storage area, we suggest using waterproof paper since the kitchen is full of liquids and grease that could damage paper labels.

While you are going through your kitchen, give your recipe collection some love. Take the time to set aside all loose recipes and any recipes from cookbooks that you have used so many times the page is nearly illegible. Type everything up and print them on waterproof paper for recipes that can handle the mess of the kitchen. Our waterproof paper is available as unlined three-hole filler paper packs (both lined and unlined), which are perfect for easy printing and storing in a binder.  

Moving Organization

If you are cleaning and decluttering your home in preparation for a move, organization will be particularly important. One of the best options is to give each room a designated color or symbol. As you pack up that room, label each box with the corresponding color/symbol and make a note of what goes into the box. This will help you find the more important items first when it comes time to unpack. And, to prevent water from blurring your labels to the point of illegibility, grab TerraSlate paper. Yes, we have colored waterproof paper to aid your organization!

Advertising Yard Sales

As you declutter, whether for a move or not, you will likely end up with a stack of things that are in good condition, but need to go because they never get used. If you are looking to make a bit of money, set all those items aside and plan a yard sale. In the week or so leading up to your yard sale, post signs in the area to give people the chance to add that to their calendars. Keep in mind that things like rain and over-zealous sprinklers can quickly ruin paper or poster board signs, so print up a few flyers on waterproof paper to keep everything legible.

There is so much more that TerraSlate waterproof paper and stickers can do to help you get organized. Shop our full range of products online to get going!

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