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Better Grocery Store Signage With Waterproof Paper

Waterproof Grocery Prices

These days, shopping trends suggest that we’re facing a fresh food resurgence. Shoppers have more choices than ever before, but spending trends suggest that the myriad choices for packaged foods aren’t quite as appealing as getting a variety of fresh foods. This is both good and bad news for grocery stores across the nation. On the one hand, it implies that health initiatives are working and more households are focusing on natural, fresh, non-processed options for their at-home meals. On the other hand, fresh foods don’t provide great profit margins — and grocery stores already have some of the slimmest profit margins of any industry. It’s important to keep up with shopping trends and give the people what they want, but what can stores do to help improve their overhead?

Finding New Ways To Save Money

The introduction of canned, packaged, and preserved foods might have seemed like a boon for grocery stores when those options were introduced. They were inexpensive to produce, offered better profit margins, and had a much more enduring shelf life than, say, a bunch of fresh bananas. With this transition back to an emphasis on fresh food options, that means smaller margins and increased expenditures to bring in the products that shoppers clamor for. If savings can’t be found through the products your clientele wants you to offer, it’s time to turn to other options in order to cut down on costs. This is where a good waterproof paper comes into play.

Grocery stores, like restaurants, face a lot of wear and tear from simple sources. Anything from the produce sprinkler system to a toddler passing by in a shopping cart can cause damage to your signage — and those concerns aren’t restricted to the produce section, either. If you still rely on printer paper and plastic envelopes to post prices and signs across your store, waterproof printer paper offers a more durable and less expensive alternative.

Changing up your signage materials may not sound like it will make a huge difference, but consider how often you end up replacing signs. Do you need to replace a sale sign before the sale is over? Do you have to go aisle by aisle replacing signs at the end of the day? Most current signage options aren’t designed for the easy customizability and durability you need to properly attract shopper attention to the sales and products you want to highlight.

How Waterproof Paper Makes A Difference

Most grocery stores rely on one of two options for waterproofing their signage: lamination or protective plastic pockets. In theory, these are both solid options in terms of making sure information is clearly legible and promotions are easily marked. The added benefit is that both options allow a store to print their own signage as needed, without any need to wait for a printing service. The downside, however, is that neither option is actually all that protective.

Lamination is protective enough at the outset. It provides a waterproof seal around whatever is pressed inside. However, that protective barrier only lasts until someone bends or creases the sign, and then all bets are off. The other big kicker is that lamination gets expensive pretty quickly. Unlike plastic pockets, lamination isn’t reusable and you’ll go through stacks of lamination sheets in order to keep up with all the signage changes that any grocery store faces.

Plastic pockets are both more and less useful. In the sense that they can be reused, it is a decent way to cut down on expenses. Simply replace the printed paper sheet in the plastic pocket, instead of replacing both paper and plastic components. The downside here is that plastic pockets aren’t nearly as protective when it comes to water and spills. It’s a lot harder to keep signage in plastic pockets looking great because the pocket opening allows in a lot of grime and moisture.

TerraSlate waterproof paper nixes those issues and also helps you to save on material expenses. Our waterproof paper products are also rip-proof and colorfast, so you don’t have to worry about replacing a sign after rough handling or produce sprinklers take their toll. And, since our waterproof printer paper works with a standard laser printer, you can make new signage easily, as often as you need to.

Explore all of the amazing benefits of TerraSlate waterproof paper and shop online to start saving your store time, hassle, and expense!

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