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Climbing mountains is part of what we love, and we hope that you love it too. With the amount of success we’ve heard of, we can’t wait to hear yours as well. But, in order to hear about the success, you have to show proof! Climbing a 14er in the heart of the Rocky Mountains is one of every Coloradan’s pastimes; is it yours? If you want it to be, you should start shopping online with TerraSlate Paper to purchase a custom tear proof paper banner for the summit. This way, you’ll be able to show everyone your success and have proof that you successfully summited the 14er of your choice. So, which mountain should you hike? Here’s a suggestion:

Here’s a list of the most popular 14ers in Colorado that you have to check out!

Blanca Peak

Blanca Peak is the perfect mountain to climb for expert, moderate and beginner climbers. Whether this is your first mountain or your last, Blanca Peak doesn’t disappoint. This peak is 14,345 feet in elevation with six different routes available. The hike can be anywhere from 11 miles to 18 miles in length; prepare wisely. Additionally, the exposure to each route ranges from zero exposure to an exposure of four. To learn more about this mountain, check out www.14ers.com. Just remember that before you climb, order your tear proof paper banner with Blanca Peak - 14,345 feet inscribed.

There are plenty of banners to choose between when you shop online with TerraSlate Paper. Join us online today to find the best tear proof paper banner for you and your climb. To learn more about the mountains we suggest you climb, stay tuned for our next blog: Mountain Climbing Is Our Pastime - Is It Yours?

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