Snowshoeing: Document Your Next Winter Excursion

Snowshoeing: Document Your Next Winter Excursion

As summer winds down, and now we’re in the thick of fall, it’s time to start dreaming of winter days out among the glistening snow covered trees of the mountains; a sanctuary quiet, except for the whisper of a breeze ebbing and flowing through the mountain valleys. It’s time to start thinking about snowshoeing.

Snowshoeing is a great winter pastime to get out stretch those legs, shake off some cabin fever and get some fresh mountain air, which those of us in Colorado know is medicine to the soul. Want to get out this winter and try snowshoeing? Before you grab your pack and waterproof paper sign, here’s what you need to know!

Have the Right Equipment

What do you need to go snowshoeing?  First, you need waterproof boots, thick cozy socks, snow pants, a winter coat, gloves, a hat, and a warm protectant for your neck. Once you have these basics, now it’s time to rent or buy your snowshoes and the snowshoe poles. Renting snowshoes and poles is fairly inexpensive; if you choose to buy, be sure to check out Colorado’s locally-made high-quality brands.

Have A Well-Supplied Pack

As with any hike, or 14er climb, when you go snowshoeing you must have a well-supplied pack with extra food, more than enough water, and emergency supplies, such as a space blanket, materials to make a fire, etc. Being prepared will make for a the best snowshoeing experience.

Now It’s Time to Snowshoe

Once you’re prepared, pick out a local trail and get out there! Don’t forget to bring your waterproof map so you can take that picture as proof of your winter excursion! Though many snowshoeing trails aren’t as extreme as most 14er climbs, breaking trail with snowshoes can be quite the workout and depending on the length of your “hike” you can get in a good day’s exercise while enjoying the beautiful Colorado outdoors.

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