Your Winter Pack: What You Need - Part 1

Why Be Prepared?

The number one rule any time you pack for an outdoor excursion is to be prepared or even a little over-prepared. The second rule, equally as important, is when packing to keep the Rule of Threes in mind: it takes you three hours to die from hypothermia, three days to die from dehydration, and three weeks to die from starvation.

No one plans to get lost in the mountains and certainly most won’t find themselves in a life or death situation, but being prepared will keep you from injury and worse.

To Combat Hypothermia


The key to keeping warm when snowshoeing is dressing in layers. Base layers such as heat-retaining, as well as sweat and moisture-wicking materials made by sport brands are perfect for under your snow pants, and other layers. Your middle layers are dependent on your preference and the weather conditions; some like fleece pants and some only need the base layer. Bring more layers than you think you will need.

Proper OuterWear

It is pertinent to have proper outerwear. Your outerwear must be waterproof and wind resistant. Getting wet is a major loss for you (and your sign that isn’t made of our tear resistant paper) when you are combating the cold in the outdoors. Before setting out on your winter adventure, test your boots and other gear to make sure its waterproofing is still effective.

Pack Well

Your pack should be big enough to hold your emergency gear and extra layers. The emergency gear necessary for combating hypothermia is first, a space blanket. Space blankets are compact,  easy to pack, and incredibly effective for staying warm. Also, you need to pack at least one firestarter. Flint or a lighter can be great options, but be sure to check your local outdoors store for the best option.

Another survival tip for snowy outdoor conditions is that snow can be your best asset when trying to stay warm. If needing warmth, build yourself a snow cave! Your own body heat and the snow’s insulating qualities will help keep you warm for hours.

Stay tuned for more helpful tips for your snowshoeing adventures! And always remember to have your sign printed on our waterproof and tear resistant paper so you can be sure to get that picture commemorating your adventure this winter!

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