Watch As We Put Our Tear-Proof Paper To The Test

What good is waterproof paper if it can’t hold up to heavy use? Not much, as far as we are concerned. After all, if you’re going to trek out into the wilderness to take notes on natural phenomena, you don’t want your notes tearing apart and destroying your hard work. For this and hundreds of other similar reasons that we made sure our waterproof paper is just as resilient as it is easy to use.  We put just as much focus into making tear-proof paper as we did into making it waterproof so it can go pretty much anywhere and do basically anything you need it to.

We don’t want to just talk a good game, either. Recently, we put our money where our claims are and challenged people to go at it and try as hard as they could to tear TerraSlate paper. The results aren’t surprising — no one managed even a small rip — but it sure is fun to watch our group try! You can watch the results for yourself above or on our on our YouTube channel.

The Details Of Our Tear-Proof Paper

The big reason our waterproof, tear-proof paper is so resilient is that we don’t use traditional paper materials. We call it paper because it looks and functions like the sheets of printer paper you’re used to using at home and work. Instead of using traditional materials like wood pulp, which break down in water, our waterproof paper is made from a type of polyester. Yes, it’s similar to (but also different from) the material some clothing is made from.

We created a specialized version of polyester to be sure it can be printed on like regular printer paper and written on with pens — and remain colorfast without extra processing. The goal was to make our waterproof paper function as much like real paper as possible, and to also ensure it doesn’t need any additional post-processing to make it waterproof. The benefit of using a polyester for our waterproof paper is that the material makes it tear-proof as well as waterproof. Of course, despite it being a non-traditional material, it still works as you’d expect a sheet of paper to function.

What Makes Our Waterproof Paper Different

Other than our waterproof paper, the most common at-home waterproofing option for paper products is lamination. And, well, anyone who has held a laminated menu has probably seen the problems there. When done correctly, lamination does provide a waterproof exterior that anyone can create easily enough. As long as you don’t take scissors to it, laminated paper is decently strong, too. The problem with it is one many of you have probably noticed. As soon as you start handling it, even with gentle bends and twists, the laminated plastic coating starts to separate and come apart. Often, it will take layers of the paper with it and making laminated documents unuseable.  


TerraSlate rip-proof paper is more a effective and a more economical answer to things like lamination or knockoff products. Many waterproof paper options require some sort of post-processing, meaning you’ll have to send your designs to the company to print, and wait for shipping to eventually deliver your materials. Lamination can be done at home, but there are dual downsides. First, there’s the extra expense for the materials with which to laminate things, and second, lamination doesn’t hold up well over time or heavy use. TerraSlate waterproof, tear-proof paper cuts out the concerns about post-processing, expense, and durability.

How It Works

Whether you are using our waterproof printer paper, adhesives, or poster sheets, all of the TerraSlate waterproof paper materials are designed to work just like regular paper. If you have marketing materials, menus, or any other digital design, just choose the appropriate size and weight of our paper and run it through your laser printer as you usually would. Our waterproof paper and other materials are all designed to be easy to use, and don’t need any special processing to make our paper waterproof or tear-proof (or provide any of the other benefits).

TerraSlate waterproof, tear-proof paper offers the benefits you want without the downsides of lamination or other waterproof paper options. Explore our online shop to see the myriad options we offer, then take the tear test for yourself and see what makes TerraSlate waterproof paper exceptional.


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