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Creating Custom Planners And Organizational Tools

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A well-organized mind can take you further in just about any career — but some of us need a little help in that department. If you’re one who relies on a planner, an organizer, a daily journal, and/or a bullet journal in addition to the calendar attached to your email, you’re not alone. When there are too many details to track, and you have too many meetings to remember, an organizational aid goes a long way toward making the work day (and life in general) flow more smoothly.

For most of us planner fanatics, the generic planner option sold at any big-box store is a good starting point, but the usefulness tends to stop there. Every organizational brain is different, and a teacher is going to have very different planner needs than, say, an executive assistant or an engineer. In order to achieve optimal organization, planners should be properly customizable to fit each individual’s needs.

Creating Your Own Organizational Systems

There are a couple of standard options that many planners come with. A planner structured by week or month generally gives time-based divisions, while the more “customizable” generic planners offer dividers around broad categories like home, work, and lists. In terms of organization, this is usually the biggest external offering. In some options, there will even be a removable tab that you can relocate as you progress through the pages of your planner.

This is all well and good until you realize those broad organizational divisions complicate your own mental system, rather than making things easier. In an ideal world, planners would simply be blank or lined books that you can custom-order with the tabs and page structure that makes the most sense for your mind.

Making Personalized Planners

If you’ve ever considered buying a notebook and a crop of supplies in order to make your own planner or organizer, you’ve come to the right place. Bullet journals are a recent craze that go a long way toward creating colorful and customized organizational tools. However, for those of us with little free time, a bullet journal can quickly become a huge time sink. Creating a personalized, customized planner doesn’t have to involve eighteen colored markers and six kinds of washi tape — unless you really want to, that is.

TerraSlate waterproof paper gives you the freedom to create your own organizational tools quickly and easily. With the variety of paper weights, colors, sizes, and adhesive options, you can easily print and cut all the tabs and dividers that your organizational heart desires.

Better Quality, Less Cost

Unless you operate your own book binding business, creating a personalized planner may not seem like the most cost-effective way of getting organized. The good news is that you can get all the benefits of creating your own organizer from scratch while avoiding the excess expense with a few simple hacks. Even better, these options extend beyond journals to just about any organizational system you have, and can be made as interchangeable as you need. You just need an idea and some waterproof printer paper. You can design and print the labels that make sense for you — and easily add or replace them at your leisure.

Some of those fun and helpful organizational options include:

  • Tabs/dividers
  • Adhesives
  • A month or year-long calendar
  • Personalized maps (with time zones, etc. highlighted) and diagrams
  • Personalized photo collages or other images you need to keep handy
  • Address/contact lists
  • And more…

Big Benefits of Waterproof Paper

Making your own organizer is as simple as creating a digital layout and printing whatever you want on our waterproof paper. Choose colored paper to create color-coded dividers that can be printed on with any color ink to achieve your desired result. Then, simply punch holes or create notches to add to your desired notebook. Since TerraSlate waterproof paper is also colorfast and rip-proof, it will hold up against the repeated wear of use as well as being jumbled around in your bag all the time. Plus, it’s durable enough to make long-lasting waterproof menus for restaurants, so you can trust that our waterproof paper will hold up when you use it for moveable tabs in your custom planner.

The biggest boon to our waterproof paper is that it is rip-proof and repels all manner of liquids, as well as grease and most chemicals and solvents. There’s no need to worry about important information being destroyed because your water bottle spills in your bag. Our waterproof paper works with the standard at-home printer, which means you get the waterproof benefits straight after printing — no special finishes or processes needed. It’s also colorfast with ballpoint pens and most markers, giving you the flexibility you need to jot down details as you go.

The other big benefit is the savings you can expect. Unlike lamination or custom design and printing services, you get to take full control of your designs and you don’t need to worry about added expense to get a high-quality product. You don’t need to worry about reaching a design and printing cost minimum to get a fully custom result — and, unlike lamination, you won’t reduce the waterproofing by cutting into the page.

Since our waterproof printer paper can be printed on like traditional paper, the options are only as endless as your design skills and your printer’s capabilities. Fortunately, there are plenty of design tools online to help you quickly and easily create the planner layouts that best suit your workflow. Design what you want, print them on our waterproof paper, punch a few holes, and off you go!

Explore the size, color, and paper weight options on terraslate.com and then shop online to get creating!


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