Upgrading to Durable Beach House Decor

Beach Cottage Decor Help: Waterproof Paper for Better Decor

It’s hard to not love a good beach trip. When the sun is shining, few things feel better than cool water and the soothing sound of waves crashing. If the beach is your happy place, it’s only natural for you to want to own your own place near the shore! Whether you’re thinking of a home along Maine’s coast or on one of the Hawaiian islands, whether this will be your primary home or a vacation rental, there are a lot of things to consider before taking the plunge. We know you’ll have a real estate agent (and hopefully some local connections) to help you learn the area and find the right property. Aside from that, there’s one big element that many neophytes to beach life fail to consider: beach house decor. 

No, we aren’t talking about the optimal way to decorate your new beach home in a way that screams “beach house.” Well, it’s not just that. What many in-landers don’t consider is how the humidity and salty air can impact beach homes inside and out — and how quickly that atmosphere can leave decor looking overly aged. This is where TerraSlate steps in. Our waterproof paper is an ideal way to decorate your beach home to help your decor stand up to the test of time and saltwater. 

Waterproof Paper by The Shores? Of Course!

Now that we’ve said it, you probably feel like smacking your forehead in a “duh!” moment. Where better to use waterproof paper products than in regions that are known for their moisture? The salt and moisture in the air can quickly wreck pretty much any material out there, including durable wood and metal. Add in sunshine — and depending on the beachy locale, lots of hot days — and it can be hard to find materials that last long enough. Rotting/water damage and bleaching from the sun and salt are the two main problems. And, while we can’t necessarily help you with things like flooring longevity, our waterproof paper is a great solution for decor that lasts longer. 

While we can’t speak for all waterproof paper out there, TerraSlate products are ideally formulated to stand up to some pretty tough conditions. Not only is our paper totally waterproof, but it’s also colorfast, rip-proof, heat resistant, and repels most chemicals and solvents. Our waterproof paper products are made to stand up to messy, rough conditions like construction sites and national parks; they can handle the humidity, sunlight, and salt of a beach house.

Long-Lasting Beach House Decor

Many home decor sources recommend taking steps to protect photographs, art prints, and other decor around any beach house. These steps can include sealing any paper products, laminating them, and/or investing in UV-protective glass. Others just accept that coastal homes will need to replace art more frequently, and recommend skipping any particularly meaningful or pricey decor. No matter which route you take — or if you choose a combination of the two approaches — there’s no denying that the artwork and other organic materials around your beach house will need some help to keep it from looking worn and dreary. 

Of course, this is where TerraSlate comes in. Our waterproof paper gives you a better alternative for beach house decor because our products are all designed to last despite the vagaries of nature. All of our waterproof paper products are easy to use, impressively durable, and do not require any post-printing finishing processes to provide the benefits you need. Here’s what you can expect: 

Creating Your Own Decor

We made our waterproof paper products to be as easy to use as possible while remaining super durable. When it’s time to decorate (or update decor) around your beach home, this means we give you the freedom to create the exact pieces you want — and set aside worries about how long they’ll last. Instead of spending a bunch on framed prints and things that will fade quickly, create your own prints, photo collages, and more and print them on our waterproof paper products. You can buy digital prints online through sites like Etsy or Society6, or, if you’re more digitally inclined, design your own! If you want to post photos of your family around the house, print them on our waterproof paper for a durable photo paper alternative. With TerraSlate you can enjoy the same level of high-quality details you desire on a substrate that isn’t going to blur and fade quickly. 

Along these lines, you can also create your own art — yes, even if you don’t feel like you’re very artistic! Check out our past blog posts for more information about creating alcohol ink art, scrapbooking, and airbrush art to get yourself started. This is also a great opportunity to get kids or grandkids involved to create meaningful and durable art that you can feel great about hanging throughout your beach house! 

Better Beach House Decor

It’s time to stop wasting money on beach house decor. Toss out the laminator, skip the specialty glass, and grab TerraSlate waterproof posters, printer paper, and more to create your own decor! Our waterproof paper products are made to withstand a lot of harsh conditions, so it is an ideal way to add beauty to your beach home without major expenditures. Instead, take those savings and spend more time enjoying beach trips! Shop TerraSlate online today to get started! 

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