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What goals have you set for yourself this year? Have you made it a point to get into the best shape of your life and accomplish climbing to the summit of a 14er in Colorado? If so, it’s time you start browsing your mountainous options. In our previous posts, we started giving readers mountains that are moderately difficult; however, they are achievable for first-time climbers. Additionally, because climbing a 14er should be a memorable experience, you must make sure you have a custom tear proof paper banner created for posing for a picture atop the mountain. So, which mountain do we suggest?

Here’s a list of the most popular 14ers in Colorado that you have to check out!

Uncompahgre Peak

If you’re searching for a mountain that provides great views and a low exposure level, start planning your trek up to the summit of Uncompahgre Peak. This peak is just seven miles west of the town of Lake City in the northern San Juans and is named the 35th highest peak in North America, standing at 14,321 feet tall. Unlike other 14ers, Uncompahgre Peak has only one route up and one route down. On the south ridge of Nellie Creek, you’ll start your seven and a half mile journey to the summit. During your hike, you’ll gain 3,000 feet in elevation. Check out the photos of Uncompahgre Peak here, or surprise your senses with a beautiful view you’ll remember for a lifetime; plus, you’ll have a photo of you holding your tear proof paper banner with Uncompahgre Peak - 14,321 feet on it.

To start planning your trek to the summit, it’s time you order a water proof paper banner from the pros who also love to summit 14ers, Terraslate Paper. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns, and remember to check back with us in the future for our next blog that will reveal more great 14ers we love: Climb To The Top Of the World.

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