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Do you have big goals in life? If so, do any of them have to do with the great outdoors? If you’re an individual who has always wanted to create a challenge that you’ve never experienced, it’s time to take a look at Colorado’s 14ers. Climbing a mountain that is 14,000 feet tall is like no other experience in the world. Plus, with the waterproof paper available at TerraSlate Paper, you’ll be able to pose for a picture at the summit to prove that your climb was successful. In our previous posts, we started giving readers the information they needed, such as a list of Colorado’s most popular 14ers. Here are more:

Here’s a list of the most popular 14ers in Colorado that you have to check out!

Mt. Harvard

In the heart of the collegiate peaks stands 14,423 foot tall Mt. Harvard. This mountain is just outside the beautiful town of Buena Vista and in the San Isabel National Forest. The hike itself is 11.7 miles long and is, to this day, the 29th tallest peak in North America. You won’t find yourself in an exposure rating of more than two, and it is rated as a difficulty of Class 2. You can expect to gain about 4,600 feet in elevation, easily achievable for first-timers.

Creating memories and achieving the greatest hike of your life is something we can’t wait to be a part of! Go ahead and order your waterproof paper banner ahead of time with the altitude of this peak. Snap a photo at the top and send it back to us. If Mt. Harvard doesn’t sound like the 14er for you, stay tuned for our next blog for more 14er suggestions: Show and Tell Your Mountain Climbing Success Story!

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