Go Unique: Underwater Love Notes & Other Creative Proposal Ideas

Go Unique: Underwater Love Notes & Other Creative Proposal Ideas

When you’re with the love of your life, and you know you want to make things official, it’s time to get down on one knee (at least, metaphorically speaking). There are so many wonderful ways to propose and make it both meaningful and highly personal to your relationship. Today, getting down on one knee and opening up a ring box is a good start, but is that enough of a story to tell to family and friends for years to come? If you want to make your marriage proposal truly memorable, it’s time to step outside the box. Try making one of these unique proposals your own.

Take A Dive

Incorporating shared hobbies is a great way to make your proposal memorable and meaningful. If you’re both fans of snorkeling or scuba diving, center your proposal around the activity. Plan a beach day or a boat trip, complete with a picnic. When you’re out in the water, get your sweetheart’s attention and hold up a sign professing your love. Of course, you’ll need some waterproof paper or a waterproof poster option to make it happen. Grab some TerraSlate waterproof printer paper and put your graphic design skills to use to create a one-of-a-kind sign to help you pop the question. Bonus, waterproof paper will mean your sweetie can keep the sign forever as a bit of treasured memorabilia from that special day.

Sweet Notes

A great proposal should incorporate what you love best about your sweetheart. If you have a tendency to get tongue-tied, don’t let that stop you from sharing those important feelings. Create a set of love notes to hide around the house, or create a scavenger hunt for an added level of excitement. Pop the big question with the final note, and be waiting nearby to utter a few words from the heart. Create those love notes on waterproof paper so they won’t accidentally get destroyed, especially if you’re going to be hiding your notes in an outdoor area where they might be susceptible to damage.

Get Playful

If you and your sweetie love to play games, make your proposal stand out by creating a game all about your relationship. If you both love trivia games, put together cards all about your lives, but make sure one of those question cards is asking the Big Question. Or, if you love puzzles, create your own specialty image or text and print it out to make a personalized puzzle. Once the two of you are done putting the pieces together, be ready to ask what the puzzle is spelling out. In both cases, thick waterproof printer paper can help you make personalized game night fun. And, when you use TerraSlate waterproof paper, you can trust your caring gesture will last, because our waterproof paper products are all rip-proof and colorfast.

Secret Messages

There’s something so exciting about finding a secret message or a note from times gone by. Create your own special message by orchestrating a message in a bottle proposal. Write or print a love letter on waterproof paper, just in case the bottle leaks, and take some time to make the bottle look well-aged. Hide it in the shallows somewhere your sweetie can “stumble on it,” and be prepared to bend a knee as the secret message is read.

A Cue From The Movies

Does your sweetheart love a good love story? Take your cues from all those big romantic gestures to make your proposal memorable. Create a sign with a waterproof poster and hold it up outside the window with your sweetie’s favorite love song playing — just be careful about throwing rocks at the window! Or, get friends and family involved by creating a series of posters that spell out your question one word at a time. Just make sure you’re holding the “me” sign!

No matter how you make your proposal memorable, it’s just as important to make sure it’s not accidentally wrecked by the weather — or an oddly-timed sprinkler, for that matter! TerraSlate waterproof paper products are colorfast, rip-proof, and heat resistant to withstand accidents and help you make your proposal stand out for all the right reasons. Shop online today to create proposal aids that will last!

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