Party Planners, Up Your Game With These Waterproof Paper Products

Party Planners, Up Your Game With These Waterproof Paper Products

While rain on a wedding day might not fit the definition of ironic, no couple wants to deal with gloom when they envision blue skies. The weather is one of the few things that even the best party planner has little control over, no matter how hard you try or how fervently you wish. However, if you can be prepared for every eventuality, and do so in style, that’s a great way to truly make a name for yourself as a wedding planner — or any type of party planner! While you may not ever be able to stop the rain from falling, TerraSlate waterproof paper is a great way to create wedding decor and other details that will withstand the weather and exuberant party guests alike!

Seating Details

Whether you’re hosting a party for fifty or five hundred, seating matters. You’ll undoubtedly be given a list of which families or friends should be grouped together and who absolutely cannot sit next to whom. As the wedding planner, it’ll be up to you to take that information and create the seating charts to save your clients some stress as their big day approaches. Once you’ve got the final charts approved, you’ll want to create a decor-appropriate way to display that information for guests. Skip the plain white sheets of printer paper; that’ll never do! Instead, whip out your design skills and create a custom chart with corresponding table numbers or place cards. Print them on waterproof printer paper and/or waterproof posters to make sure they’ll survive accidental damage. Creating custom designs that match the wedding decor and won’t get wrecked by rain will go a long way toward helping you stand out from your competition.

Durable Decor

Along those lines, printable waterproof paper also gives you a lot of flexibility to create your own decor. Our waterproof paper comes in a range of colors and weights, and all of it works with your typical laser printer or copy machine. We give you the flexibility to create banners, bunting, paper fans, and even folded paper balloons or other unique creations to perfectly correspond with the colors your couple has chosen. And, once the party is over, those personalized waterproof decor items can be packed up and kept as a charming memento of their big day — and a great way to celebrate their first anniversary (and more, after that).

Personalized Decals

In addition to waterproof paper and posters, TerraSlate also makes waterproof adhesives. If you’re looking for that special, personalized touch for a party, help your clients by creating personalized labels. Replace existing labels on wine or beer bottles, or help your clients create a custom cocktail mix to be labeled with their own personalized logo. Then, mock up and print out custom labels straight onto our waterproof stickers. Our adhesive options, like our waterproof paper, are colorfast and rip-proof, so you can print and stick without worry about damage from condensation or sloshing drinks. You can even put those custom label-adorned bottles in an ice bucket without worry about the designs smudging!

Photo Walls

Creating a photo display is a touching way to make family and friends feel more included in your couple’s big day, as well as a wonderful way to personalize the party. Some of the more popular options include setting up a memorial table to remember deceased loved ones, incorporating engagement photos and/or other images of the couple over the years, or creating a photo wall from images of the couple with all of the guests attending the reception. Whether your couple wants to keep it simple with a smattering of photos, or they want to create a grand display, TerraSlate waterproof paper can help you out. Print photos with our waterproof paper to ensure they survive through champagne toasts and unexpected downpours. Plus, our waterproof photo printing provides durable, clear images that can last for years to come.

Help make each wedding you plan a resounding success. Put your creative caps on and explore the waterproof paper, poster, adhesive, and other specialty options we offer to create memorable, personalized wedding decor for each wedding you plan. For more information, give us a call or shop online today!

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