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Coaching Improvements: How Waterproof Paper Helps

Waterproof Play Charts

Most people never really dread rain. It can be an inconvenience, sure, but for most of us, the benefits of a few rainy days go a long way toward outweighing the annoyance. As parents, however, that’s a whole different story. We know how much you want to be supportive and witness every glorious moment of your child’s sporting prowess — but at the same time, the thought of sitting in the rain to watch your kid’s peewee football team slide through the mud isn’t necessarily a thrilling thought.

You’re not the only ones who dread a rainy day of outdoor sports. Between weather-related concerns, dripping sweat, and the team getting rowdy with the water bottles, there’s a lot of moisture that can impact a coach’s ability to do their job. When moisture drenches into carefully crafted plays, it makes it that much harder to effectively coach a team.

The Trouble With Paper

There’s a two-fold problem with using traditional paper to create play sheets and map out plays. First, that’s a big waste of valuable resources. If you keep a folder or clipboard full of play sheets ready to be marked, thing about the number of pages you go through over the course of a full season. That’s quite the expenditure of resources — and money spent — when there is a better alternative.

The other big downside, as we already mentioned, is the lack of durability. Standard sheets of printer paper quickly turn into a sodden mess as soon as it starts to drizzle — and then you’re left with materials you can’t easily pull out for visual displays when you need to go over something with your team. Of course, not only will rain wreck your printed play sheets and other notes, but something as innocuous as sweat can also do some major damage. How many times have you smeared several pages just from having a sweaty grip when the score is tied and the clock is ticking down?

Finding Better Options

Dry erase boards are an oft-floated solution for reducing materials and saving money. As far as a reusable option goes, that’s a good start. However, there are some limitations in terms of flexibility. Sure, you can erase and draw new plays as often as you want. However, if you wanted to have a couple of different options to talk though, that means having multiple dry erase boards on hand. That can quickly reach unwieldy levels when standing next to a court or field surrounded by your team.

The other common go-to option is lamination. However, any coach that has relied on lamination in the past likely has a good understanding of why this option isn’t great. The protective plastic coating is a good way to give you a reusable surface to mark plays. And, lamination-covered paper is easier to carry around than a stack of dry erase boards. However, it doesn’t take more than a couple of rough grips to crease the plastic coating, create split seams and air pockets, and quickly wreck a laminated sheet of paper.

Waterproof Paper For The Win

The better option is to ditch the dry erase boards, skip lamination, and choose a paper alternative. TerraSlate waterproof paper gives you the flexibility of paper, but it also clears the hurdles presented by traditional tree-pulp pages.

Our waterproof printer paper repels a wide range of different liquids, including grease as well as many chemicals and solvents — so you don’t need to worry about sports drinks or mud wrecking pages over time. They can be written on with a ballpoint pen or marker; you don’t need a special writing implement to mark the sheets. Better still, our waterproof printer paper is colorfast right after printing, so you can print off a few sheets with the field configuration for your sport and get to creating plays right away. If you want the sheets to be reusable, mark them with dry erase pens and clear them off again with the appropriate cleanser.

The biggest boon of our waterproof paper is that it is not only colorfast, but also incredibly durable. We designed all of our waterproof paper products to be incredibly rip-proof, so you can toss sheets of paper under a scrum of rugby players and your material would come through surprisingly well — just don’t test it under an ice skate; a blade can still cut it. The added benefit here is that you can print off call sheets and other information to your specified size and design, giving you the flexibility and durability necessary for, say, the star quarterback to wear a list of calls on their wrist with ease.  

Explore all that TerraSlate waterproof paper products have to offer. Find waterproof printer paper, adhesives, posters, and more online. Shop today to experience the ease for yourself!


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