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Embracing Earth Day: 5 Tips To Conserve Materials

Earth Day

For anyone who pays even passing attention to the news, you have likely noticed that concerns over climate change continue to grow. With Earth Day just around the corner, now is a perfect time to think about what your business can do to be more eco-friendly, and also what you can do to encourage your customers to be more mindful! Consider these tips to help your business embrace eco-friendliness on Earth Day and everyday:

Go Digital

In our modern, digitally-focused society, marketing measures can easily become more eco-friendly by embracing online marketing campaigns. From online ads to promotions on social media accounts, there are plenty of ways to get the word out about your business. Consider going digital as a replacement for the generic mailers that most consumers throw away without a second thought. Email campaigns are a great replacement for physical mailers, and can reach an even wider audience with far less expense. Choosing to advertise digitally is also a great way to reach more people, especially younger folks. Consider offering a contest through a social media account or offer a coupon on your website when someone signs up for your mailing list. This way, you can capture additional customers and add them to your customer base for future digital advertising measures.

Cut Down On Tree-Based Products

Nixing mailers is a good start, but to really be more eco-friendly, it’s important to cut down on paper products in as many ways as possible. Of course, we recognize that it’s not always possible to go totally paper-free. In-store signage, special event posters, and other marketing methods are still going to remain relevant and important to operating your business successfully.

In those instances that you still need print ads or other signage, consider paper alternatives like waterproof paper products. TerraSlate waterproof paper, posters, flyers, and adhesives give you a durable, easy-to-print option so you can create your own signage. The big difference is that our rip-proof, waterproof paper can hold up to some serious wear and tear, meaning you don’t need to worry about constantly replacing signage that fades in the sun or gets ripped apart by wind and rain.

When you need to use paper products, a paper alternative like TerraSlate waterproof paper products can help you cut down on the quantity of materials you need to use. It’s also a great way to minimize environmental impact since our products are synthetic and don’t rely on chopping down trees and wrecking local ecosystems in the process.

Think Re-Usable

The more you can reuse marketing materials, the better it is for the environment. Reusing materials typically means fewer resources purchased. When more and more businesses and individuals make that effort, it will go to great lengths in terms of national — and even world-wide — reduction of product consumption and manufacturing. Of course, figuring out how to embrace more re-usable products is going to vary widely from one business to the next.

In general, consider replacing paper signage with more durable alternatives like waterproof paper products. If you run a restaurant, seek out more durable menu options so you don’t have to replace them as often, and give reusable, recyclable, or biodegradable to-go containers. The options are pretty close to endless given the variety of eco-conscious materials available these days.

Offer Eco-Friendly Promotions

Contests, sales, and other promotions are a true staple of business marketing. But so many promotional items are inexpensive, low quality, and quickly add to the local landfill because of the (lack of) quality. If you want to run a contest or offer promotional items, choose to do so in a way that more people are likely to actually keep and use the items you give away. Instead of that cheap plastic water bottle, give away recyclable metal water bottles. You can easily brand them with a waterproof adhesive in order to get your logo out there in a durable manner.

Also, consider printing reusable tickets if you run a raffle or contest. With waterproof printer paper, you can create and print your own designs, and  then reuse them again and again instead of going through stacks of paper each time you run a raffle or contest. The options are about as endless as your imagination, and the TerraSlate team even offers design services for those who need a creative boost.

Encourage Your Customers To Go Green

Another great way to spread the word about your business and embrace the tenets of Earth Day is to encourage others to do so as well. Consider offering a free product or a coupon to every customer that brings in an old item to be recycled or donated. You can take care of the recycling or donations, and you can use the promotion to encourage your customers into using more eco-friendly goods. Whether it’s a stamp card for drink discounts when customers bring in reusable cups or a coupon for an eco-friendly garment when they donate clothes, there are a huge variety of ways you can leverage promotions to encourage more “green” practices and market your business.

Here at TerraSlate, we want to help more businesses (and individuals) embrace eco-friendly resource use. Our waterproof paper products are all colorfast, rip-proof, and repel grease and solvents as well as water. The idea is to provide you with highly durable options so you can cut down on the amount of paper products you use. Connect with us to learn more about our variety of waterproof paper products, as well as our design and printing services, then shop online to get started!

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