Running an effective construction site can be difficult, because every project is different, and because each location and team presents its own set of challenges. No matter if you are planning to take on a large project or are in the middle of a project of ultimate proportions, here are basic tips for effectively running your construction site.

Start Early

As with any project, the best way to start it is to start on it early, not only in the planning stages, but also start each day with intention. Procrastination is a construction superintendent’s worst nightmare! The longer you delay, then the farther behind those working under your supervision are delayed, and delayed projects make for unhappy clients.


Planning is key to metaphorically keeping the wheels on the train. Planning not only is the beginning of organization (which is also a must), but proceeding in a project without a clear step by step plan is the main ingredient for disaster. The best plan is one that is documented, not only because a documented plan keeps you on track, but also because you can easily share your plans with those who you are working with to accomplish your project. Planning helps there to be clear objectives, with a clear timeline, which both keep a project going smoothly.


Communication is key for any team or working relationship to work. Set up meetings where you can communicate with your team verbally and keep their focus on the objectives. Send out written email that is concise, yet clear. And most importantly, create an environment that allows for communication between you and your team.

Be Open But Know What You Want

A great working environment will involve, as stated above, lines of communication between leader and team members. Part of leadership involves walking the fine line between being open to suggestions and staying firm to what you want or know that the project needs. Optimal communication involves listening and allowing your teammates to be heard while still staying true to the goal.

Treat Every Mistake As a Learning Experience

No one likes to make a mistake or experience difficulty, but what makes some people and breaks others is their perspective: Will this experience get me down and will I stay down? Will frustration be their main emotion in dealing with a circumstance? Or, will I see what I can learn from the experience and grow? Utilize each success and failure for your own benefit!

Stay Organized

Organization is another element that will make or break your project. Not only do you need to keep those relying on you organized, but you, yourself need to keep your own materials organized. To stay organized, set up a system that works best for you and then either take an extra second during your day to keep your organization system in order, or take a few minutes at the end of your day to get your materials back in order.

Invest in Long Lasting Materials

Another key for success is to invest in long lasting materials that won’t break down under the weather and other natural stresses of a construction site. TerraSlate’s products can help! TerraSlate’s waterproof paper is unlike any other paper, in that it is made with ultimate longevity in mind. Our paper is made with the mindset of having it last 100 years. We offer a variety of printing options: We print on various sizes of paper, and can print posters, flyers, and even business cards!

If you have any questions about TerraSlate’s waterproof paper, contact us! Want to know more about how our waterproof paper stacks up against laminate, read more here. As always, we hope we can help you achieve success and wish you luck in your projects!

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